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Why professional architects and builders use Eco Blocks

To develop and sustain a strong reputation to win the best contracts, construction industry professionals know they need to deliver an excellent product within budget and on timeframes.

  • Short construction time

    Eco Blocksuses dry construction, so no mortar, cement or water is required to join the blocks above the DPC foundation layer. As specialized bricklayers are not required, builders can access to a wider worker pool. A three-person team builds about 800 square feet during an 8-hour shift, which is quicker by up to 66% compared with conventional bricks, resulting in:

    • Improved client satisfaction as end users are less inconvenienced from longer build times and they have early access to facilities, earning their investment to yields earlier.
    • Increased capacity during the same timeframe thereby enabling more projects and better cash flows from early payments.
  • The best construction block available

    As a leading local product, Eco Blocks are among the strongest in Pakistan with a standard of 10+ MPa or 1700 Psi and a lateral strength of 70 Psi. Specifications can be tailored on request. Eco Blocks have robust, durable and resilient features making them suitable for LEED-accredited buildings:

    • blast-resistant – based on appropriate design structure
    • bullet-proof – armour-piercing grade
    • earthquake-resistant - up to 7 on the Richter scale
    • water-resistant - 12% water absorption by volume versus 20% for red clay bricks
    • self-insulated - with higher thermal quality year-round based on 'µ-factor' and is three times more efficient than concrete and about twice more efficient than fired clay bric
    • windproof - wind load on walls is 102 km/h and for roofs 140+ km/h
    • Soundproof - Eco Blocks are solid and not hollow like cement block so are more insulated for sound
  • Versatile solution

    Like standard red clay bricks and cement blocks, Eco Blocks can be used in all construction, and do not require reinforced columns for multi-storey constructions of up to three floors. They are exceptional good for purpose-built security structures including Jersey barriers, blast blockers, and super-reinforced buildings by threading horizontal steel bars through Eco Blocks' pre-fabricated conduit blocks.

  • Efficient construction

    To assemble a wall, Eco Blocks simply connect with each other and so do not need any concrete columns, nor mortar between blocks – like assembling Lego™, and so may reduce final construction time of some structures by up to 66%.

  • Unbeatable value

    Eco Blocks are best as a faster, cheaper and high quality construction solution. Major cpst savings are from:

    • manpower, by eliminating mortaring and plastering activities, fewer higher-paid bricklayers are required
    • materials, including mortar between blocks, and water in plastering
    • columns, as less than half are needed in boundary walls, and none for buildings of up to three floors.

    A bonus benefit is 90% of Eco Blocks can be reused from completed structures, assuming properly planned builds.
    Download Eco Blocks brochure for architects (June 2014)