Construction process

Eco Blocks are assembled using a 'dry construction' method so no mortar or cement are required, except at the ground level i.e., first layer. As subsequent blocks are added above, they are simply stacked on top of each other. Blocks on either side are adjoined according to the male/female end.

Eco Blocks advantages

  • Eco Blocks is the final product so plastering strictly optional
  • Uses up to 60% less cement and sand used in plastering - if desired, a minimum of 5mm of plaster is needed versus 12.5mm
  • No efflorescence – unlike red clay bricks which can emit a white salt residue during construction that could 'damage' the plaste
  • Up to 90% of Eco Blocks are reusable – if planned ahead as part of the construction process

See our gallery for projects that use Eco Blocks technology in Pakistan and internationally, and contact us to discuss your project needs.