Frequently asked questions

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  • How do I estimate the number of Eco Blocks are required for my construction?

    Calculate the number of Eco Blocks you need based on the information you have.
    a. Using a construction drawing - Calculate each wall size (for each room) individually, then subtract the areas not requiring blocks e.g., windows, doors, and then add together. For total area by square meter, multiply by 34.42, or for square feet, multiply by 3.2. Use the worksheet here as a guide.
    b. With total number of clay bricks – Take the total and divide by 3.5 Please note, the above would be an estimate.

  • How much do Eco Blocks cost?

    For your individual quote ex-factory, contact us. For a total cost, we can offer other help such as providing information and contacts for shipping options and suppliers. Important! Eco Blocks true value is to calculate the entire construction cost, including labour, mortar, cement and for commercial projects, time value of receiving your project earlier.

  • How fast can I get my Eco Blocks?

    We stack a limited inventory and will ship based on first-come-first-serve orders. The longest lead time for your order is 30 working days from payment receipt. Eco Blocks use natural production techniques and as such